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1st Fleet
Unit information
Active Date:

ICY 955-6


Humankind Empire of Abh


Imperial gaftonosh
Humankind Empire of Abh


Flying Section




expeditionary, reconnaissance, combat



Command information

Admiral Spoor

Culture and history

The infamous 1st Fleet is an elite unit of the Star Forces of the Humankind Empire of Abh. In ICY 955, it was under the command of then Admiral Spoor. The fleet is part of Grand Admiral Trife's command.

Battle Strategy and TacticsEdit


Operation Phantom FlameEdit

Main article: Operation Phantom Flame

In the second half of Operation Phantom Flame the 1st Fleet was reinforced by 13 additional reconnaissance partial fleets in order to meet with the main enemy fleet. After Operation Phantom Flame ended, the fleet was transferred to Operation Hunter without changing its name or number.

Operation HunterEdit

Main article: Operation Hunter

During Operation Hunter, the fleet was still under command of Grand Admiral Trife. In the later half of the Operation Hunter the 1st Fleet was ordered to monitor enemy movement and gather information. The fleet split up in smaller reconnaissance units and dispersed over the area of operation. Admiral Spoor herself went after the discovered enemy fleet. She arrived with 22 ships ahead of the enemy fleet in the Lobnas system. The small fleet was scheduled to joinup with another group of 11 ships from the Altec system region before leaving.

By request of the Territorial Ambassader Abriel Lafiel, the fleet stayed to delay the enemy fleet and allow the evacuation of Lobnas II.

Admiral Spoor managed to negotiate a cease fire of hours. The battle that followed nearly annihilated the fleet of 33 ships.

Battle Result
status Patrol ship (Resii)
destroyed 26
heavily damaged 4
lost 30
lightly damaged 3

Order of battleEdit

  • Sov Gurarl, HQ: Lashkau, Kurekukau (destroyed),
  • Sov ?, #1: Roomukau
  • Sov ?, #2, destroyed: Sumubirsh (first flight), Ryumubirushu, Suryuzubirushu, Uzetokau
  • Sov ?, #3:
  • Sov ?, #4:

ships: Doubilge (destroyed), Vuzetokau


Admiral Spoor (ICY 955 - 956)

Order of battleEdit

Jadbyr = partial fleet; Usem = reconnaissance; sov = squadron

  • Sov Gurarl, HQ: Lashkau
  • Jadbyr Usem Futune
  • Jadbyr Usem Skuni
  • Jadbyr Usem Dekusufa
  • Jadbyr (Usem) Kuryudasu
  • Jadbyr (Usem) Birka
  • Jadbyr (Usem) Kengafu
  • Jadbyr (Usem) Gosuiroru
  • Jadbyr (Usem) Ferutone
  • Jadbyr (Usem) Saido
  • Jadbyr (Usem) Torasutou
  • Jadbyr (Usem) ?
  • Jadbyr (Usem) ?
  • temporary +13 more in second half of Operation Phantom Flame

Notable membersEdit

  • Kilo-Commander Kufadis, Chief of staff of the 1st Fleet
  • Rear Admiral Losaich/Losesh, Commander of Jadbyr Usem Dekusufa



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