Biographical information

before I.C.Y. 882


I.C.Y. 959


Atosuryua Ssynec Atosr

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Hair Color

Greying Brown

Eye Color


Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class

Nobility- Former Baron


Febdash Barony

Military information
Military rank

Served in the star forces technical dept.

Voice actor

The former Baron Febdash, Atosuryua Sruf is a genetic Lander and the second Baron Febdash. His mother was the first member of the Atosuryua family to be raised to the nobility. She served in the Star Forces well enough to be granted Knight status then eventually Noble status. Sruf is the father of Atosuryua Loy and Atosuryua Klowal.


Likely born to his Lander mother before her recognition as nobility, Atosuryua Sruf maintains his Lander genetic heritage, making his children first generation genetic Abh. Sruf is generally a kindly man with varying interests such as gardening and news from outside the territory. When younger, Sruf served in the Star Forces technical department, and after retiring, designed and built the Febdash Baronial Spaceport and Residence.

In ICY 911, Sruf became the Febdash Baron and brought up his children Klowal and Loy. As they grew older, they served with the Star Forces and Klowal returned to take over the Barony. Unfortunately, Klowal's return in ICY 922 resulted in the confinement of his father Sruf until the arrival of Lafiel and Jinto in ICY 952 following the Battle of Goslauth.

During the Invasion of Lakfakalle, he is killed in action.

Lafiel and JintoEdit

"I'm sure you know this; It's above our rank to receive the Count Prince, but to also receive her Highness the Princess, my late mother would be thrilled to hear of this"
―Former Baron, Atosuryua Sruf making light of the situation his son put him in after the Princess's arrival.[src]

During the incident between Lafiel and Klowal, Jinto Linn is imprisoned with Atosuryua Sruf within the baronial residence and they become acquaintances. Sruf then helps Jinto and Lafiel to escape and defeat Klowal by using his engineering expertise to override several of the spaceport's systems. Following the death of his son Klowal, Sruf presumably resumes governance of the Febdash territory while his daughter Loy continues her career in the Star Forces.