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prior to ICY 945


prior to ICY 945

General characteristics
Class and type

Deju-Class Patrol Ship


6 Electromagnetic Cannons
4 Antiproton Cannon
10 mines
numerous laser turrets

Crafts carried

numerous Calike
numerous Pelia

The Deju-class is a Patrol Ship class of the Humankind Empire of Abh's Star Forces.  This particular design is larger and more heavily armed and armored than the Bilsh-Class Patrol Ship and Byrsh-Class Patrol Ship designs, lending to its use as more of a command ship to complement the smaller patrol designs.


The Deju class design was likely engineered concurrently with the Byrsh-class as a more heavily armed and armored Patrol ship to be used within Byrsh and Deju class mixed squadrons and it was based on the older philosophies of slower but larger and more survivable craft as opposed to the more maneuverable, less well armed of the Byrsh-class. Requiring more resources to construct, being larger and more complex than the Byrsh-class, less Deju class ships were constructed, but their final numbers still likely reached the hundreds by ICY 952.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Like most Patrol Ship designs before the unveiling of the Kau-Class, the Deju-Class features the EM cannons on arms away from the main hull and the anti-proton cannons built into the bow. The main hull of the Deju-class is significantly larger than that of its Byrsh and Bilsh class cousins, allowing for greater armament and likely command equipment.


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