Ships of the Devestation Fleet

Ships of the Devastation Squadron

The Devastation Squadron(蹂躙戦隊) is a newly formed 1st Squadron belonging to the Humankind Empire of Abh in the Star Forces. The squadron was formed in I.C.Y. 958 prior to the Martine Gate War Games and was exclusively operating ships of the new Caubh-class Attack Ships. The first Commander of the squadron was Atosuryua Loy. The Ships belong to the Devastation Squadron.


Martine Gate War GamesEdit

The 1st Devastation Squadron was created on Imperial Calender Year 956. The First Devastation Squadron participated in the Martine Gate War Games in the same year and when they arrived one of the Devastation Squadron's Ship took a direct hit by Martine's Space Super weapon Big Charlie, but Big Charlie was destroyed by the ship that took a direct hit.

Operation Twin ThornsEdit

Battle of Kemal GateEdit

Known Ships of the 1st Devastation SquadronEdit

  • Ryumcaubh I.C.Y. 958, command-ship
  • Flicaubh I.C.Y. 958
  • Kancaubh I.C.Y. 958
  • Batocaubh I.C.Y. 958
  • Suirucaubh I.C.Y. 958
  • Surumucaubh I.C.Y. 958
  • Vartocaubh I.C.Y. 959,12th prototype
  • Krolcaubh I.C.Y. 959
  • Kercaubh I.C.Y. 959
  • Shutoucaubh I.C.Y. 959, since 958 command-ship
  • Takcaubh I.C.Y. 959, lost at Kemal-Gate
  • Nacaubh I.C.Y. 959
  • Pancaubh I.C.Y. 959, lost at Kemal-Gate
  • Marscaubh I.C.Y. 959

Commanders of shipsEdit

  • Vice Hecto-Commander Abriel Lafiel, Captain of Flicaubh
  • Roiryua, Captain of Suirucaubh, ICY 959 Command of 2nd Devastation/Scourge Squadron
  • Kurapefu,ICY 959, Command of 3rd Devastation/Scourge Squadron
  • Semresh, ICY 959, Command of 4th Devastation/Scourge Squadron
  • Durr, Captain of Batocaubh. He was formerly on a patrol ship.
  • Serubosu, Captain of Ryumcaubh
  • Bomdel, Captain of Krolcaubh

Flights of each Devastation Squadron (List of Ships in the Squadrons)Edit

1st FlightEdit

2nd FlightEdit

First SeenEdit

Banner of the Stars III aka Seikai no Senki III

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