Ekuryua sc
Aicryac Üémh Tlyzr Naurh
Biographical information

I.C.Y 936, 4218 A.D.

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Hair Color


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Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class


Military information
Military rank
  • Line-Wing Aviator (I.C.Y 951-956)
  • Rear-Flyer (I.C.Y 956)
  • Front-Aviator (I.C.Y 956-959)
  • Deca-Commander (I.C.Y 959-Present)
Voice actor
Shimizu Kaori

Aicryac Üémh Tlyzr Naurh, or Ekuryua is the Line-Wing Aviator aboard the Basrogrh under the command of Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel. Like all Abh, she has genetically-modified blue hair. She took part in Operation Phantom Flame, the Aptic Offensive, and Operation Hunter.


Nothing is known much about Ekuryua and she is a character still shrouded in mystery. She was born in I.C.Y 936 on a trading ship during a flight in planar space in the Barke Kingdom. At one point of time she has mentioned about her dislike of cats to Jinto. When she was young, her family owns many cats, and she was often bullied by them. 

When she was 5 her father grew wary of her. He sent her to her relatives in Lakfakalle. Her family clan being poor, she was raised together with many other children. Here, she grew fond of the youngest boy, Sukashu.[1]


Ekuryua is a taciturn and reserved girl, and is rarely seen speaking with anyone other than during operations or with Jinto. Later on, she is also shown to be extremely insensitive in supposition too, as seen when she was commanding the Flicaubh, maneuvering the assault ship at full speed, ignoring the comfort of fellow crewmates. She has a mildly eccentric fascination hidden beneath her serious face about Jinto Linn, as seen in her great liking to his cat Diaho, despite her general dislike of cats since young. She spends most of her free time helping Jinto with Diaho. It is hinted that Ekuryua has a crush on Jinto, though not explicitly, as evident in her blunt approach towards him. She hates carrots.

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Why did you decline?
— Jinto Linn
Because I want to be alone with you. Would it make you happy if I said that?
— Ekuryua Naurh , Seikai no Senki III, Episode 2