Fleet of the Star Forces

Fleet of the Star Forces exiting a Zord above a Planet

The Fleets of the Star Forces have different missions and objectives but if they serve under the command of a single flagship then they have the same objectives in battles that includes The War that is going on right now. The fleets with the Four Nations Alliance are the same as the star forces of the Humankind Empire Abh.

Humankind Empire of AbhEdit

Except for some core and famous fleets most fleets were not standing units. Fleets were instead created, used, and disbanded again, several hundred fleets were named and numbered throughout history. For military operations fleets are just numbered as they are formed with the operation name attached. It is also common for fleets to be reorganized during a given military operation. Standing fleets have a name of their own like the Futune Fleet. So far is the only known standing fleet.

Four Nations AllianceEdit

Federation of HaniaEdit

People's Sovereign Union of PlanetsEdit

Republic of Greater AlkontEdit

United MankindEdit

  • UMK Assault Fleet in the Aptic System