Caubh- Class Assault Frigate
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I.C.Y. 958


I.C.Y. 958



General characteristics
Class and type

Caubh-Class Attack Ship Attack ship


7 Officers
16 Enlisted


2 (bi-directional) Electromagnetic Cannons
8 barreled laser turrets
1 Anti-Proton Cannon

Crafts carried

2-4 Calike-Class Shuttle
1 Pelia-Class Communication Ship

Flicaubh is a Caubh-Class Attack ship of the Humankind Empire of Abh's Star Forces. The vessel is under the command of Vice-Hecto-Commander Sobach Sobaash and later, Abriel Lafiel; and was a part of the 1st Devastation Squadron.

Combat Characteristics & TechnologyEdit

  • For the attack on the military installation around the planet Akkado, the ship was augmented with 2 additional boosters.
  • The booster were necessary to push the acceleration to the design limit.
  • The ship performed an 8 hour super high-acceleration with a temporary break of 15 minutes for the crew.
  • The ship accelerated beyond the artificial gravity's control by 10 standard gravity (Demon). *This is comparable to 5 g(ee)s.
  • The attack ships were to accelerate to a velocity of 0.02 of the speed of light,


The original Flicaubh was launch in I.C.Y. 958 from special arsenal (#7022) under the command of Vice-Hecto-Commander Sobach Sobaash in service for Count Hyde Jinto Linn in his retaking of the Hyde System. In the same year, Vice-Hecto-Commander Sobaash left the Flicaubh to serve as the Vice-Commander of the Devastation Squadron, and the captaincy of the Flicaubh fell to Vice-Hecto-Commander Abriel Lafiel. This change was likely a move to support Abriel Lafiel's career. In I.C.Y. 959, the Flicaubh took part in Operation Twin Thorns. The Flicaubh and her sister ships demonstrated the exceptional design and performance expected of this new type of ships on the battlefield. They were vital in breaching and securing the heavily fortified and defended Kemal Sord. They were instrumental in spearheading a stellar hyper-highspeed strike against the heavily defended bases orbiting the planet Akaddo. Afterwards, the Flicaubh was ordered back to special arsenal #7022 in Lakfakalle. Shortly after her arrival, the Flicaubh fought against the invasion by the Federation of Hania in defense of the capital.

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