Hyde System
Location information

Humankind Empire of Abh


Territory of Count Hyde


hundreds of millions

population composition:

Landers primarily, few Abh

local language:


Planar Space

The Hyde County or Hyde Earldom is located on the 12th sord ring on the end of the galaxy opposite of Lakfakalle. The Hyde Star system with its primary populated world of Martine consists of that world, an F-type star, an asteroid belt, and at least one gas giant. The Hyde Sord is one of the few sords located in the outer sord rings and as such is of great interest to the Humankind Empire of Abh.


The history of the Hyde County is very short since the Hyde system was only recently annexed by the empire in ICY 945. The Imperial fleet under Prince Dusanyu arrived in overwhelming force following a probe launch detecting no serious resistance and the Prince accepted a surrender from Martine President Rock Linn with the stipulation that he and his son Jinto Linn would be recognized as Abh Nobility. The Martine Government would still govern domestic affairs but would fall beneath the jurisdiction of Count Hyde.

The WarEdit

After the outset of the Four Nations Alliance War, the Hyde County was conquered by the United Mankind. However, at the end of Operation Hunter, the Empire had reconquered Hyde County. This was quickly followed by the Martine Gate War Games.


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