UMK Assault Ship
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ICY 951/2


ICY 952


ICY 952

General characteristics
Class and type

Esminets-class Assault ship


(LOX LH2) engines[1]
space-time generator


1 Officer
23 Crew members


1 Antiproton Cannon
6 fixed forward assault lasers
1 laser turret
4 Antimatter Missiles

KE03799 is an Esminets-class assault ship which is a class of warships in the Space Force of the United Mankind.

It is a fast ship used in the war against the Humankind Empire of Abh. It is used as the first line of battle against enemy assault ships and patrol ships.


The design packs a lot of weaponry into a small streamlined octahedron hull which makes the ship very compact and cramped. It has three engines for maximum thrust and maneuverability. Two engines are on the back. The third engine is hung below the main hull. There are four fixed pylons mounted on the third engine's suspension. These pylons have rails at the tip for mounting huge antimatter missiles.


Prior to ICY 952, this ship's class was put into mass production in anticipation of war. Under the command of Lieutenant Kartsen, this ship was part of a squadron that opened up the war with the Battle of Goslauth. The ship was destroyed with no survivors.

Throughout the entire War these ships are used in Fleet movements especially during Abh Military Operations.

Difference and Changes between Novel and AnimeEdit

In the anime The KE03799 had 1 anti proton cannon, 6 fixed forward assault laser, and 1 turret.

In Crest of the Stars the ship was shown to fire laser from its RCS thrusters.


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