Spoor Flagship, Lashkau and the 1st Fleet
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ICY 955


ICY 955



General characteristics
Class and type

Kau-class Patrol Ship


Antimatter Water Thrusters
Space-Time Generator


8 Electromagnetic Cannons(4 fwd, 4 Aft)
9 fwd Antiproton Cannon
Numerous Laser Cannon
20 Mines

Crafts carried

10 Calike
6 Pelia

The Lashkau is a variant to Kau-class Patrol Ship in the Star Forces of the Humankind Empire of Abh and is the flagship of 1st Fleet (Phantom Flame, Hunter), which is currently under the command of Admiral Spoor. In typical Spoor fashion, it is entirely painted red to be unique from the other vessels in her class.


As a command cruiser the Lashkau received two standard command bridge sections with additional triple antiproton cannons each. The Lashkau also received a modified wave-piercing bow similar to older generations of cruisers and a triple antiproton cannon bearing bulge head. Below the chin a group of defense turrets has been added. The top cover for the top electromagnetic cannon now houses two electromagnetic cannons. It is unclear if the new pair was added or the bottom pair was moved up. A more powerful powerplant was installed which required a bigger engineering housing. Additional armor round up the moddification. As Admiral Spoor was the family head of the Spoor family her ship was painted in a red color scheme.


The Lashkau was built in ICY 954 as one of the first Kau-class ships. She was immediately assigned as the flagship of the 1st Fleet and Admiral Spoor's command ship.

In ICY 956, the Lashkau was damaged during Operation Hunter.


In ICY 955, the Lashkau served as flagship of the 1st Fleet in Operation Phantom Flame. It spearheaded the Operation's advance as far as the (Demetel) system. In the later half of the Operation the Lashkau opened the assault on the United Mankind's main fleet. In ICY 956, the Lashkau served as flagship of the 1st Fleet in Operation Hunter. Half way through the Operation the 1st Fleet was ordered backup and trail the 4th Fleet. Later the 1st Fleet split up to monitor enemy movements and gather information. The Lashkau led her group ahead of the enemy fleet to the Lobnas system. Here, the small fleet of 33 ships was forced to protect the system until the evacuation was completed. The Lashkau survived with minor damage aside from six other ships. She joined the evacuation fleet on their way out. The Lashkau returned to duty after the repairs were done.

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