Princess Abriel Lafiel

Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Bœrh Parhynr Lamhirh, Viscountess Abriel Paryunu, or Princess Abriel Lafiel is third in the line of succession to the throne of the Humankind Empire of Abh. Lafiel was born in the Imperial Year 935, her parents being Plakia Lexshue and Abriel Dubeusec. She is the Viscountess of Paryunu, also known as the Nation of Roses. She is the grand-daughter of incumbent 27th Empress Abriel Frybac Ramaj. She showed exemplary skills at an early age and joined the Laburec at age 13. An exceptional marksman, commanding officer, and diplomat, Lafiel serves the empire in almost every facet of duty. She maintains a few friends, one of the closest being Count Hyde Jinto Linn. Lafiel’s profile of service beyond 17 years of age predominately includes him with her... read more

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