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Lobnas II

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McKay Angusson is the Representative of the Eastern Detention Sector of Lobnas II, and the perpetrator of the Rebellion of Lobnas II during Operation Hunter in I.C.Y 956. The Eastern Detention Sector house all the fertile male prisoners, so as to prevent them from getting into contact with the female prisoners in the Western Bloc.


He is a physically strong and tough man who has an unyielding belief that it is the will of God that he should rule the entire of Lobnas II. He does not falter in his resolve, even challenging himself to face Abh Hell while threatening Princess Abriel Lafiel by holding Count Hyde Jinto Linn hostage. After the annexation of the entire planet by the Humankind Empire of Abh during the course of Operation Hunter, he manipulates the disarrayed state of the prison planet by leading an armed revolt against the planetary system. Additionally, by making use of some of the staff members who were loyal to the Three Nations Alliance and wanted to remain on the planet, he is able to infiltrate and obtain the weapons from the defectors. His true desire to stay is simple: he wants to have children. By rebelling against the Administration's decision to evacuate, he wants to make sure that the female prisoners remain.


As the leader of the armed revolt of Lobnas II, he initiated the Rebellion of Lobnas II in order to gain stronghold of the entire planet. He joined forces with Central Representative Yuri Dukafu to fulfil their aims together. He later held Count Hyde Jinto Linn hostage, and killed Dukafu for his cowardice and his attempt to stop him in his challenge against the Abh.

However, the last transport was able to lift off right before he was able to gain full access to the planet. A tidal wave from the transport kills him as he fires uncontrollably to the transport even up to his death.


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McKay Angusson

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