Operation Amphitryon

The War


Imperial Year 952, exact time is not known


12th Sord Ring, Ilysr Kingdom


Abh tactical victory, strategically inconclusive


Humankind Empire of Abh

Four Nations Alliance


Imperial Admiral Abriel Dusanyu
Admiral Trife Remsale
Kilo-Commander Kahyul
Rear-Admiral Spoor

high-level field commanders


presumably all available Imperial forces Trife Fleet

presumably all available Four Nations Alliance forces


Operation Amphitryon was a military offensive of the Four Nations Alliance to raid and occupy the strategic important capital of the Humankind Empire of Abh.


Following the establishment of the Four Nations Alliance at the Nova Sicily conference in ICY 940, preparations for the war were implemented. In the following years and under rigorous secrecy a large scale military build up took place within the Alliance. The details of Operation Amphitryon were under such secrecy even high ranking representatives were left in the dark. These representatives were given the honor to take part in the official invasion of Operation Herkules.

Initial Stages Edit

Operation Herkules, which served as a diversion, started the initial invasion. Operation Herkules moved through Sord Keish 193, located on the left hand side of the Ilysr Kingdom.

Parallel to it the majority of military forces of the Four Nations Alliance, gathered in Operation Amphitryon, moved secretly through Sord Suivu 882. Sord Suivu 882, known as Sord FLIST0223, is located on the right hand side of the Ilysr Kingdom. The forces went for a direct all-out attack on the Ilysr Sord.

Unveiling of Operation AmphitryonEdit

Following the Sufagnoff Gateway Battle, a scout fleet of the Humankind Empire of Abh stumbled on the trailing units of Operation Amphitryon. Alerted by the discovery the Empire scrambled all its forces for the defense. As the Empire was already suspicious of the initial invasion by the weak forces in Operation Herkules, the majority of forces were already assembled and looking out for other attack vectors.

Engagement Edit

Main article: Battle of Skaresh

The forces of both side met each other at the Skaresh Sord. The fierce battle raged for hours resulting in the utterly destruction of the majority of military forces on both sides.

Analysis Edit

The battle was an Abh victory in terms of defense, but strategically inconclusive for both sides. The heavy losses on both sides forced an unspoken truce as neither was able to amass enough force for any kind of military operation. What follows are three years of extensive military build up, a race for a military initiative.