Operation Hercules[1] (ヘラクレス作戦) (ICY 952) was the feint offensive operation of the Four Nations Alliance against the Humankind Empire of Abh, fought in the 12th Sord ring, Ilysr Kingdom and the normal space territories of the Humankind Empire of Abh. This operation was the beginning of the long great war.


Follows the success of Operation Iolaos [2] in finding and acquiring Sords VRGE1447 and FLIST0223.

Beginning of the OperationEdit

The operation started by opening the Sord Keish 193, as known as Sord VRGE1447 by the United Mankind. It is supposed to be a faint attack to distract the attention of the Star Forces as to cover the next stage and keep the Star Force busy and divided. Soon upon emerging in the Ilysr Kingdom the Peace Preservation Force was discovered by the Goslauth. In the ensuring Battle of Goslauth the first shot of the war was made. This incident was used as a pretext to invade the Ilysr Kingdom as an act of self-defense.

Occupation of Imperial territoriesEdit

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Nearly all forces of the operation were either annihilated or captured. Due to luck and foreseeing planning, the Abh Empire was able to negate the significance of Operation Hercules. The actions taken by the occupation forces against the civilian populace had caused some sympathizers within the Empire to change their opinion.

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