Operation Hunter (Imperial Calendar Year 956) was the second offensive operation of the Humankind Empire of Abh against the Four Nations Alliance, fought in the territories of the United Mankind in the Great War. The objective was to clear enemy forces remaining and to solidify the hold in the territories gained from Operation Phantom Flame. Further, the Star Forces pushed the enemy back to where the war started.


Operation Hunter followed on Operation Phantom Flame which split the United Mankind by connecting the Siullzede Kingdom with the Lasieth/Larych Kingdom. The operation commenced upon advancing against the Atoria star system.

Begining of the OperationEdit

The following is purely conjecture: It is assumed the majority of Operation Hunter took place in the territory of the United Mankind where the initial invasion of Operation Amphitryon started and work the way to where Operation Herkules started. The objective was to cut off the Four Nation Alliance forces in the Ilysr Kingdom from military reinforcement and supplies. This would pave the way to retake the Ilysr Kingdom for Operation Light Snow.


Commanders of The Humankind Empire of AbhEdit

  • Commander-in-Chief, Imperial Admiral Prince Abriel Dusanyu
  • Commander of the 1st Hunter Fleet, Admiral Spoor
  • Commander of the 2nd Hunter Fleet, Imperial Admiral Prince Abriel Dubeusec
  • Commander of the 4th Hunter Fleet, Admiral Bebaus
  • Commander of the 21st Hunter Fleet, Admiral Trife

Major Battles and CampaignsEdit

Territories recoveredEdit

  • Vorlash
  • Hyde
  • Febdash
  • Gamtesh

Territories conqueredEdit

  • Lobnas
  • エグムント - Egumundo
  • Atoria
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