Operation Snow Crystal

The War


late ICY 959


galactic planar space center;
Kryb Kingdom - Federation of Hania


Decisive Abh Victory


Humankind Empire of Abh

Federation of Hania, Four Nations Alliance


Grand Admiral Kotoponi,
Emperor's representative Abriel Duhir

  • Snow Crystal 11th Fleet
  • Snow Crystal 12th Fleet
  • Snow Crystal 13th Fleet
  • Snow Crystal 14th Fleet



Operation Snow Crystal (late ICY 959) is a special military operation of the Humankind Empire of Abh to annex the Federation of Hania in whole. This new military operation began shortly before the attack on the Imperial Capital Lakfakalle.


In ICY 959, the leadership of the Federation of Hania offered to defect to the Empire with the Federation itself as a "dowry". Whether this is the truth or a plot to trap the Empire is unknown. However, it is certain that alliance friendly elements within the Federation where plotting to take over and attack the Empire. Despite this Empress Ramaj decided to take the opportunity in order to shorten the war and lessen the casualties.


Invasion Plan 3Edit

The reserve fleets and reserves from fleets of Operation Twin Thorns are mobilize and moved to the front. Reserves from fleets 11th to 14th form the new fleets of the Operation. Grand Admiral Kotoponi's fleet will serve as the main fleet. The fleets are divided into two groups to circumnavigate the galactic central sord group. Defense forces from the Kryb Kingdom invade as a third group, while forces from the Skiil Kingdom fill in between.

Beginning of OperationEdit

Operation Snow Crystal began soon after Operation Twin Thorns was complete.


With the territories of the Federation of Hania assimilated the Empire controls two-thirds of humanity.

Official Commanders Portraits of Operation Snow CrystalEdit

Abh Offical Portrait Kotoponi 4th Fleet

Grand Admiral Kotoponi, Commander of the Operation


Abriel Duhir

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