Pelia-Class Communication ship is the general name used for communication boats by the Abh.

Communication boatsEdit

Currently, there is only one known communication boat class in use by the Star Forces. In practice the Pelia is often considered a Scout ship, even though it was not specifically designed for this purpose. Pelias are not armed.

Type IEdit

Pairriac-1 Pairriac-2
Goslauth's Pelia Pelia's rescue hoist
Pelia body entry Pelia cockpit sphere break Pelia cockpit sphere airbag Pelia cockpit sphere airbag2
separated body in entry cockpit separation break cockpit airbag & airfoil cockpit landed
Pelia AI
Pelia AI

It is used by large starships. It is designed to accommodate two pilots only, but it has a small cargo hold that could be used to transport a small number of troops. This boat has a plan space generator allowing it to travel through plane space.


It is a modular design consisting of the cockpit assembly, the center body, fuel storage and the engines. All parts are ejectable for planetfall.

The engines are 360 degree turnable for acceleration and breaking.

The Pelia has a standard panoramic holographic projected glass-cockpit with two pilot seats. The seats are adjustable for g forces by changing into a lying position. Note the animation show the transformation being similar to a fighter pilot's seat where the g force come from above when turning. For a spaceship the g forces come from ahead, above, or back. As the cockpit itself is a sphere it's possible for it to turn as a whole to adjust.

The Pelia has an advanced Abh computer AI. It usually stays in the background, but appears when asked in an emergency situation. As part of its security protocol it deletes all data and itself to prevent falling into enemy hands.

In an emergency the Pelia can make planetfall. First the engines and antimatter fuel are ejected to prevent environmental disasters. Then the main body with the cockpit turn into a vertical position with the back below for re-entry. The main body itself serves as heat shield and is ejected later. The cockpit assembly folds out to serve as breaking mechanism before ejecting, too. The cockpit itself then inflates airbags and airs foils for breaking, controlled gliding down and impact.

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