The Prime Minister of the Humankind Empire of Abh is the highest ranking civilian employee inside the executive branch of government. He is the Chief of Staff who manages civilian matters under which also falls foreign relations. The position began as the Assistant and Adviser to the Emperor. The current Prime Minister is Botsuf, who assumed the position in ICY 959, after Shidoryua's sudden death.


The duties of the Prime Minister is to assist the Emperor in all matters of civilian administration within the Empire. His second most important duty is managing foreign affairs. He is the third-highest official of the executive branch, after the Emperor and the Crown Prince. It's unlikely for him to succeed the throne except in the case that all Royalty are gone.

As the head of the foreign affairs service, the Prime Minister is responsible for management of the diplomatic service. The nature of the position means that he receive foreign ambassadors and engage in frequent negotiation.

(When there is a vacancy in the office, the duties are exercised by his assistant until the Emperor appoints a new Prime Minister.)

There appears to be is no legal requirement for becoming the Prime Minister other than being appointed by the Emperor. The Prime Minister has free reign in hiring his staff with the exception of ambassadors (and the judicial offices). He's responsible for presenting a list candidates for these posts and offices including his own to the Emperor. In practice, most of his subordinates and colleagues are are lander by birth and not genetically manipulated.

List of Prime MinistersEdit


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