Rebellion of Lobnas II
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The War - Operation Hunter


Imperial Calendar Year 956


Sord Lobnas II


Failure of the Rebels to prevent the final evacuation; Abh Victory; Death of Leader Angusson

  • Eastern Detention Sector
  • Central Detention Sector
  • Easter Representative McKay Angusson
  • Central Representative Yuri Dukafu


500+ insurgents


Jinto Linn captured; near total elimination of Administrative Guards; death of Administrative Director Geomaiden

Unknown, at least 500 deaths; including the death of both commanders

The Rebellion of Lobnas II was a rebellion that took place and concurrent to Operation Hunter. Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel and Supply Officer Jinto Linn are the Territorial Ambassador and Territorial Deputy-Ambassador.


Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel and the crew of the Basrogrh II were ordered by Admiral Bebaus to the Planet Lobnas II in the Lobnas System. Being once a Three Nations Alliance planet that serves as a prison to over a million hardened prisoners, the planet was on the verge of civil war during the turmoil of its annexation by the Humankind Empire of Abh.

Additionally, the prison island on the planet was split distinctively into three detention sectors; the west holding all the fertile female, the east holding the fertile men, and the central area with better facilities which hold the sterile prisoners. This tension between the difference in rights and treatment was a factor that contributed to the initiation of the rebellion.

Jinto at Lobnas

Count Hyde Ambassador Jinto Linn discusses alongside Director Geomaiden about the evacuation of civilians and prisoners before the conflict.

Also, some of the citizens desire the production of Alkaik, an anti-depressant drug which is only possible to be produced on Sord Lobnas II by the prisoners. This is a cause of conflict and defection by some of the guards, as seen in the kidnapping case of Count Hyde Jinto Linn, which wanted to be involved in the drug trade.

The spark that triggered the rebellion was the direct intervention by the Abh Empire into a large-scale evacuation of the civilans, female prisoners, and the guards, causing defection of certain members of the Administration to the Eastern Detention Sector by providing information and weapons to the representative, McKay Angusson.


Representative of the Eastern Detention Sector McKay Angusson initiated the Rebellion against the Abh Nation to attain independence from the Abhs, but in fact, actually to have children by making the females stay. By obtaining weapons from defectors of the Administration, he is able to go against the armed guards of the Administration with his claims of independence.

Discreetly, the Representative of the Central Detention Sector Yuri Dukafu was also directly involved, and infiltrated the main Administrative Base by acting as a victim of the conflict, reason being to stronghold his position of the future Prime Minister of Sord Lobnas II.

It is more difficult to travel a few wesdaj of ocean than the thousand of light years through space.
— Administrative Director Geomaiden, Seikai no Senki II Episode 5


With the success of the final evacuation of civilans, administrative guards of Lobnas II and female prisoners, the entire rebellion was a failure despite heavy casualties on both parties. Eastern Representative Angusson was killed in action, and Central Representative Dukafu was assasinated by Angusson's troops.
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Jinto decides to stay.

 However, Administrative Director Geomaiden was assasinated; and Count Hyde Jinto Linn was unable to escape successfully, and was left for dead.
Your Excellency, have you got a weapon?
— Administrative Director Geomaiden
I didn't think I'd need it.
— Count Hyde Jinto Linn, Seikai no Senki Episode 6
Last Transport of Lobnas II

The last evacuation.