Roil-class Assualt Ship
Roil-Class Assault Ship
Class information

Humankind Empire of Abh
Lespor shipyard


Star Forces

Preceded by

Galum-Class Assault Ship

Succeeded by

Caubh-Class Attack Ship


ICY 954 - present

In commission

ICY 954 - present





Laid up



Roil-Class Assault Ship

General characteristics
Class and type

Assault Ship


Antimatter Water Thrusters
Space-Time Generator


5 Officers (7 command version)
15 Enlisted


1 Antiproton Cannon
2 Barreled laser turrets

Crafts carried

1 Calike (2 command version)

The Roil-Class Assault ship is a class of warships in the Star Forces of the Humankind Empire of Abh. It is a fast destroyer-like ship used in The War against the Four Nations Alliance. Generally, it appears on the front line of battle against enemy assault ships and in larger groups, against Patrol Ships.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Roil-class is a small vessel lightly armed and armored but extremely maneuverable. It is equipped with a space-time orb generator and light shields which allow the ship to move swiftly both in regular space and in Plane Space. The small vessel is also equipped with an anti-proton cannon and two barreled laser cannons for defense. This makes it effective as an anti-mine ship and in large groups, effective against slower targets such as patrol ships and or battleships.


Operation Phantom FlameEdit

During Operation Phantom Flame, the Roil-Class Assault Ships were used in recon squadrons, Battleship defense squadrons, and attack squadrons. Several squadrons would be used to attack larger vessels while the main battle squadrons would fight head to head with opposing

Operation HunterEdit

During Operation Hunter, assault squadrons continued to operate within the Star Forces fleets though scouting fleets such as Admiral Spoor's First Fleet had little use of Assault ships.


  • Roil Class Command version (better communication and command equipment but otherwise no difference) The command section was made more voluptuous to house the additional equipment and the lower fuselage was widen to house more antennas.

Difference and Changes between Novel and AnimeEdit

  • Senki I novel: 1 anti proton cannon, 2 (anti proton) turrets, hangar
  • Bots I anime: 1 anti proton cannon, 2 barreled laser turrets, 2 hangars
  • Bots I movie anime: 1 anti proton cannon, 2 barreled laser turrets, 2 dual-cannon laser turrets, 2 hangars
  • Bots II: 1 anti proton cannon, 2 barreled laser turrets, 1 hangar (this was probably done to fix the ship's size)
  • PC game: 1 anti proton cannon, 2 barreled laser turrets

Ships of the ClassEdit



  • The lead ship of 1058th Assault squadron
  • Commanded by Hecto-Commander Atosuryua Loy
  • Command variant


  • Destroyed in action at Aptic


  • Destroyed in action at Aptic, Commanded by Deca-Commander Beikal


  • Destroyed in action at Wimple, Commanded by Deca-Commander Ragash

Known Commanders of Roil-Class ShipsEdit

Picture GalleryEdit

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