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Samson Tirusec
Biographical information

Before I.C.Y 935
presumably between I.C.Y 917-922

Physical information




Hair Color

Taupe Brown

Eye Color


Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class



Sord Dacumh

Military information
Military rank
  • Engineer (I.C.Y 948-955)
  • Chief Engineer (I.C.Y 955-956)
Voice actor
Ootsuka Akio

Samsonn Borgh Tiruser Tirusec, or Samson Tirusec is the human Chief Engineer aboard the Basrogrh under Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel. He hails from Midgrat, which willingly joined the Empire during his grandfather's time and renamed as Dacumh. After the destruction of the Basrogrh in the Battle of Aptic, he took up operations in Basrogrh II again as the Chief Engineer in I.C.Y 956. However, during their evacuation from Lobnas, his comrade Jinto Linn was kidnapped, and he saved him three weeks later in a half-dead condition. Afterwards, he left the military and became Count Hyde's family steward.

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Enjoying alcohol with Sobaash.


Not much was revealed about Samson's past, other than his joining of the military to fulfil his dreams of having a farm of his own at the foot of the mountain Kremmen. He joined the Star Forces and became an imperial citizen in I.C.Y 935. Between the years I.C.Y 948 to 955, he rose through the ranks and became a Chief Engineer and was involved in the Battle of Skaresh in I.C.Y 952.


A man of strong resolve and loyalty, he does not waver in his judgement during battles and does not question the Abh and their decisions, as seen in the times under the command of the young Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel. He is shown to grow fond of his crew members gradually, often seen teasing Jinto on his awkward relationship with Lafiel and Ekuryua; and his usual laid-back conversation with Sobaash. At times, he care deeply for his crewmates, and does not hesitate to use his experiences to counter problems at times of need. He is an alcoholic, but rarely goes drunk in order to retain a clear vision in his field of work. He loves Ederoy Tea too. There was also an incident once when he joked about his planet's delicacy "rutimond", which is clearly to tease Jinto about his cat.

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Enjoying alcohol before the Decision of Aptic.