Fegdakpek Sernaik/Seelnay
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light brown

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Humankind Empire of Abh

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Fegdakpek Sernaik (フェグダクペ・セールナイ), Seelnay was a vassal of Baron Febdash. She later found her own company before becoming Count Hyde's vassal.


Seelnay was born on in the Freezer(フリーザ) county. It was an overpopulated place where women don't have a say nor could pursuit their own interest. When she was young she dreamed of becoming an Imperial citizen but did not want to become an military officer.

She saw an opportunity in becoming Baron Febdash's vassal. Under Baron Febdash she enjoyed various education opportunities. She earned a license for vacuum work among others, but was not used to vacuum welding. She was in charge of maintenance check of fuel tanks.

ICY 952, Lafiel got stranded in the Barony and sought help from Seelnay. Fascinated by Lafiel, Seelnay willingly took part in a revolt. Afterwards with funding from the Kryb family, she founded a company together with Greda and Alusa and became chairperson of the Seelnay company in the Imperial capital.

ICY 956 years, she went to the Hyde county through an introduction by Lafiel.


She speaks an Abh dialect. She admires Imperial princess Lafiel. (Rumored to be the princess body guard) She was said to have a talent when acting temporary as secretary for Jinto.