Biographical information

Around I.C.Y 900

Physical information



Male (confirmed.)

Hair Color

Midnight Blue

Eye Color


Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class


Military information
Military rank
  • Line-Wing Head Flyer (I.C.Y 955-956)
  • Vice Hecto-Commander (I.C.Y 956-957)
  • Hecto-Commander (I.C.Y 957-959)
Voice actor
Saiga Mitsuki

Sobach Üémh Dor Ïuth, or Sobaash in short is an Abh military officer of the Humankind Empire of Abh, working under Deca-Commander Abriel Lafiel aboard the Basrogrh during Operation Phantom Flame and the Flicaubh in Operation Hunter.


Before joining the military in the Great War, Sobaash was an experienced businessman whom he involved himself in all sorts of experience from simple trading to economic crisises. He was already an extremely wealthy aristocrat by the time of the War. Sobaash is already in his 50s by the start of his introduction, which is an example of longetivity and counter-senescence  genetics amongst Abhs.


As mentioned in the novel series, Sobaash IS a male, with Morioka-sensei mentioning once in his description of Sobaash as having facial hair and a deep voice. The animators was confused by his androgynous appearance, and with the budget-restriction of the Anime results in 'him' becoming a 'her'


Untitled 133

Enjoying alcohol with Samson.

Sobaash is a relatively calm and bright individual, and is shown to be mirthful and open during his free time. He is a very understanding man, and usually goes with the flow when his comrades talk to him, such as when Samson jokingly forced Sobaash to treat him an infinite supply of alcohol with his fortunes. However, Sobaash is a different man on the battlefield, with an agile and alert mind as the Line-Wing Aviator on the Basrogrh and as the Hecto-Commander of the Shutoucaubh later on in the War.
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