A squadron is a military unit of spaceships or aircrafts. It's the building block the building blocks for a Partial Fleet (Half-fleet). The terms is disambiguated partly due to layman understanding or ignorance of military organization and simply bad translation. There's no consistency in the use of the term be it the Tokyopop translations or the animation. In the animation the units are often called squadron while in the later part are called fleets.

Humankind Empire of AbhEdit

A squadron is composed of two flights of three ships.[1]

Type of squadronsEdit

  • Assault squadrons (Jadbyr Ashal)
  • Guard squadrons (Jadbyr Methgeil)
  • Strike squadrons (Jadbyr Vortout)
  • Recon(Scout) squadrons (Jadbyr Usem)
  • Supply squadrons (Jadbyr Dikporlei)

United MankindEdit

List of Star Force's SquadronsEdit

Aptic Defense Fleet SquadronsEdit

24th Twin Thorns Fleet SquadronsEdit

List of Four Nations Alliance SquadronsEdit

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UMK Fleet (Suffucnaff)Edit

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