Sufugnoff Marquessdom
Location information

Humankind Empire of Abh


Territory of Marquess Sufugnoff


380+ millions

population composition:

Landers, Abh

local language:

Baronh, Clasbul dialect

Planar Space

The Sufugnoff System or Sufugnoff Marquessdom is an Abh system of 7 planets, both rocky planets and gas giants, with one inhabited planet, Clasbul. The system is located at the outer edge of the galaxy among the Illysr and Sukiiru kingdoms and near the Yunyu system. It was the site of one of the opening salvos of the Four-Nations Alliance War, the Sufugnoff Gateway Battle.


The Sufagnoff star system (スファグノーフ = Sufugnoff or Sufagnoff) was discovered in ICY 648 by Soswie Wef-Sailar Daglei. Daglei became the first Viscount of Sufagnoff, and named his planet Clasbul, after the intimidating Soswie family crest. Daglei also organized the venture of terraforming Clasbul.

Colonization of the system began in November 29th, ICY 729 under Etlei, for which he received the title of Count and In ICY 822, the population reached 100 million, promoting the system to a marquessdom.

Further BackgroundEdit

Despite being on the further edges of the empire, the Sufugnoff system is one of the more populated systems within the Empire. The system contains several space facilities for research and transportation, as well as the standard orbital tower and a Star Forces Communications base.

The people enjoy a self-sufficient economy and a democratic government under the supervision of the Marquess Sufagnoff.

Following the annexation by the United Mankind in ICY 952, the small communication base and orbital tower were destroyed. Presumably after the Abh recaptured the system, these facilities were restored.


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