Causes Edit

  • planar space
    • the geography of ilysr kingdom
    • new rings system
  • difference in ideology
    • feudalism and democratism
    • genetics engineer
  • establishment of the four nations alliance
  • annexation of hyde system

Operation Heracles and Operation Amphitryon Edit

  • Sord Keish 193 and Sord Suivu 882
  • plan

Chronology Edit

imperial calendar year 952 Edit

  • battle of Gosroth
  • invasion of Sufugnoff
  • declaration of war
  • battle of Sufugnoff Gate
  • battle of Skaresh Gate
  • dead heat

Imperial calendar year 955 Edit

Operation Phantom Flame

  • First Battle of Aptic
  • Skirmish at Aptic
  • Mission at Wimple
  • Second Battle of Aptic
  • Battle of the Aptic Gateway

Imperial Calendar Year 956Edit

Operation Hunter

  • The Rebellion of Lobnas II
  • Battle of Lobnas Gateway

Imperial Calendar Year 957Edit

  • Martine Gate War Games

Imperial Calendar Year 959Edit

Operation Twin Thorns

  • Battle of Kemal Gateway
  • Battle of Mairal Gateway

Operation Snow Crystal

Battle of Lakfakalle (The Fall of the Imperial Capital)


These are information coming from the 4th Senki novel.

HarryAck, your following edit was reversed because it contradicts several canon background information. If you have proof of validity for this "newer" information, please provide. "Operation Down Fall for the Three Nations Alliance counter attack against the Humankind Empire of Abh this battle and operation comenced at the same time as Operation Snow Crystal. With Admiral Spoor and the 1st Fleet in the area and set up defenses around Lakfakalle. Admiral Spoor also called in for reinforcements and Admiral Abriel Dusanyu arrived with 120 squadrons, also at the same time Adrmiral Trife arrived with 110 squadrons to defend Lakfakalle. They came up with a plan and setup stronger defenses until more reinforcements arrived.

However the Lakfakalle Defense Forces were over whelemed by almost 3,000 squadrons as well as the Three Nations Alliance Flagship, the Independence. This Battleship-Assault ship hybrid has the firepower to eliminate 1/3 of the Abh Fleet in one shot with their Mega Anti-Proton Cannon.

Fleets from Operation Snow Crystal and Twin Thorns are on the way to help in defense of the Capital. The Devestation Squadron is very close to the capital since the squadron was near the Hyde System for repairs." Almael 02:42, October 23, 2010 (UTC)

I need to read this novel, but is the outcome of this battle decided? It sounds interesting in every capacity and merits an evaluation of whether or not the victory (if it was indeed that and Lakfakalle falls) is Pyrrhic or not. Almael, e-mail the information whenever you can.Raven356 00:52, November 1, 2010 (EST)

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