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japanese islander dissident



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pseudo ancient japanese

Planar Space

Toyoashihara, or the mother city was an orbital city above Earth. It was the home of japanese dissidents who wanted to keep their culture pure.


Sometime in the second millennium a group of japanese descent separated themselves from the globalization and unification of mankind. They isolated themselves within an orbital city, named Toyoashihara.

When mankind reached for the stars they were left out of mankind's colonization program. Not wanting to be left behind they started to create artificial humans in secret to do their bidding.

I think of it as an honor to have the opportunity to welcome all of you gathered here, at this site where a great endeavor will take place.

Now I say “a great endeavor”, but there are people who are not inclined to think so. As you have a look around, it appears that you all are able to see it at this place too. However please, please do not misunderstand me. I have no intention of criticizing or blaming the people of the opposing group.

Whether this becomes a great endeavor or a foolish one, it may be difficult to know in our lifetime. However, the fact that you all were present here will surely be revered proudly by your descendants. This, I am convinced of.

‘Even if the plan is successful, the assessment “a great endeavor” is worthless’ is an opinion that can also be heard. ‘A plan like this would at best make one star system livable, but looking at it from the whole of Human society, it’s an extremely tiny thing.’ Indeed, it is. The influence this plan will impart on Human history will probably be very small. All of man kind cannot be expected to approve of this plan. Furthermore, a shady part lying slightly behind it all is also a fact. However, what is wrong with that? Our ancestors turned their backs on the movements of Human society and lived life, choosing isolation, and established this city. That is why I cannot understand, why we who are content with seclusion would care for the judgment of others.

Therefore, everyone, please continue to speak proudly of now, of this time to the children that will likely witness the conclusion to come.
— From the history of Orbital City Toyoashihara, Crest of the Stars Lost Chapter I

These early proto-Abh were sent in their stead to explore suitable planets for them. At one point the Abh became independent, and returned to ensure their masters would not come after them.

Negotiations did not go well, the Abh attacked and destroyed the orbital city.


The orbital city was on a high orbit above planet Earth, in the Solar system. The Sol star system is located on the Orion–Cygnus Arm, also known as Orion Spur, within the Milky Way galaxy.


Toyoashihara had a dual body design. A large structure connected both bodies together and served as transfer system. Each body was a large dish-like. Presumably, the dish created artificial gravity through accretion.


Toyoashihara's population was made up of people of japanese descent. Presumably, the closed gene pool would have caused genetic disorders within 250 years.


Toyoashihara, virtually did not have any trade with anyone.


Presumably, a representative democracy, a government with elected representatives.


Presumably, as good as none.