Tlaïmh Borgh Ybdér Laimsairh
Biographical information
Physical information




Hair Color

dark blue-green hair

Eye Color

light blue

Political information

Humankind Empire of Abh

Social class


Military information
Military rank

ICY 951 Admiral
ICY 956 Grand Admiral


21st Reserve Fleet (Trife's Fleet),
Flagship Kelldeju, later Sulbilsh

Voice actor
Kosugi Juurouta

Trife Bolj Yuvdale Remsale or Tlaïmh Borgh Ybdér Laimsairh is a Grand Admiral of the Star Forces. Trife and the fleets under his command have played an important role in several major engagements with the United Mankind including the Sufugnoff Gateway Battle, Battle of Skaresh, and Operation Hunter.


In his early years, Trife went to the Star Forces academy like all young Abh but had a bad experience with Admiral Kashmansh from Imperial Intelligence Agency over a sky-blue haired girl during their time in training school. They would later discuss this years and years later. Following his time in training, most of Trife's career was during peacetime though he ascended the ranks and was a respected officer.

By ICY 952, Trife was an Admiral and was one of the directors of the Peace Protection Office. The Battle of Goslauth however caused his reactivation and dispatch of the Trife Fleet under his command. The Trife Fleet was stationed in the Yunyu System following Empress Ramaj's declaration of war on the Four Nations Alliance and quickly moved into Sord Sufugnoff in the Sufugnoff Gateway Battle, resulting in a tactical victory with the help of the Futune Scout fleet and Beneej Spoor. However, the enagement was just a distraction that succussefully bought time for the main United Mankind Fleet to advance to the capital. Trife had taken too long to commit his forces against the enemy, lacking the confidence to readily engage without first seeing what losses he may take; hence the engagement of Futune to gauge the enemy's strength. The Trife Fleet was then sent to participate in the Battle of Skaresh Gate where it likely sustained more losses as with the rest of the Star Forces.

By ICY 956, Trife was a reserve commander during Operation Hunter. As it became clear that the United Mankind was going to try to breach the front line, Admiral Trife was given command of the 21st Hunter Fleet, formed from reverse units.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Admiral Trife has a boisterous personality, often making sarcastic cracks at various people and organizations in order to lighten the mood. He has a unique command style which is extremely succinct and decisive to the point of arrogance but also effective. This straightforward, to-the-point nature is appreciated by Beneej Spoor and others such Trife's Chief of Staff Kilo-Commander Kahyul. Kahyul and Trife often have discussions of a sarcastic but none-the less important nature over the current battle plans.

Trife's personality on the other hand can also grate to some other members of the star forces such as Hecto-Commander Nastoryua and Trife's youth-rival Admiral Kashmansh.

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